East Coast


Autumn Light II

The fall colors of the Gatineau Park are always a treat during the fall months.  Maple forests light up their canopies with vivid yellows,...

Sunset at Kingsburg

This gorgeous wave is able to catch the last light rays of the day before colliding with the south shore of Nova Scotia.

Sunset at Hell's Point

The sunsets on the south shore of Nova Scotia have a special way of lighting up the textured rock with warm glows against an ocean backdrop.

Minas Basin Harbour

This setting is near the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia where the mighty tides can reach 50-60 feet in the tidal basins of the area.  Remnants...

Golden Pond

This scene was taken during the last few minutes of sunlight on a cold January day in the Gatineau Park near Ottawa, Ontario.

Autumn Light I

On a recent trip back to my hometown of Ottawa, I took advantage of the fall colors with a stroll in the Gatineau Park.  Mackenzie King...

Afternoon at Hell's Point

The south shore of Nova Scotia near Lunenburg offers incredible rock formations and colors overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.