About the Artist


I have been experimenting and creating since 2005 using my own medium which is a combination of photography and painting. My background is a little different than most artists.  I studied electrical engineering and worked in the hi-tech world for over a decade before immersing myself in the world of fine art. Throughout my youth my father was also an artist.  As a child I spent much of my time in his studio which gave me exposure to many artistic genres and mediums including painting, photography and printmaking.  This planted the seed for a new venture many years later. Combining my knowledge and passion led me to relocate to Whistler and open my own gallery in 2006.   Since then I’ve had the pleasure of discovering the scenic beauty of the West Coast of British Columbia, from coastline to alpine and sharing this with people from all over the world.



My artwork starts with my photography.  I am able to capture the subtle lighting and composition of a scene using high quality, high resolution equipment.  In my studio I work directly with the raw file from my camera, manipulating texture, shadow, highlight and color, deep into the classic genre of traditional fine art.  Creating different layers within the image is a key step to getting the proper balance of light throughout the scene. This enables me to achieve unique detailed quality and dynamic range in my works.

Next, I use the finest printmaking equipment and materials to proof my works under varying light in my studio.  Each work is screened directly to canvas using UV fade resistant pigments.  Thanks to their wide color gamut, I have access to millions of colors and shades.  This approach allows me to fine tune a piece, improving each impression over the last, sometimes taking me months, even years.  The artist is never satisfied!

I have also chosen a canvas with an emulsion that reflects lots of light.  The combination of translucent pigments and ultra bright backgrounds causes the work to literally glow in very low light environments, something I like to demonstrate in my gallery.

If you are curious to see what one of my pieces will look like in your home, simply send me a picture of your wall and I will do a virtual hanging for you.  Include a reference dimension so that I can also accurately size your piece.

For information regarding custom sizing and pricing of my works, please send your inquiry to:


My goal over the years has been to combine my technical and fine art background to further the genre of fine art.  My collection is the result of my passion.

I hope you enjoy.